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  • Product Code: #640JZ

    Dial Depth Gages 640 Series - Inch

    Range/Size: 0-1/2"

    Graduations: .0005"

    Price: $368.00 $347.00

    Product Description

    640JZ Starrett Dial Depth Gage: 0-.500"

    The Starrett 640JZ dial depth gage has the following specifications:

    • Range: 0-.500"
    • Graduations: .0005"
    • Dial Reading: 0-50
    • Base Size: 2.5"

    The 640 and 640M series of Starrett depth gages have hardened and ground bases and are direct reading gages. These depth gages are easier and more convenient to use over all other types of depth gages within their ranges and accuracy. The 640 and 640M series of depth gages can be furnished with an electronic indicator upon request.

    640 Dial Depth Gages:

    The contact is slightly up into the base at rest. In action, the inspector sets the contact at zero, which is usually at the bottom of the base. Then the top button is pushed down to contact the work and the measurement is taken.

    640R Dial Depth Gages:

    These gages are the same as the 640 except they have reverse movement (no push button) and can easily be used with one hand. Simply set on zero and apply the contact to the work and read the measurement.

    Starrett 640 and 640M Series Dial Depth Gages:

    • 640JZ    Dial Depth Gage: 0-.500"
    • 640RJZ Dial Depth Gage with Reverse Movement: 0-.500"
    • 640MJZ    Dial Depth Gage: 0-10mm
    • 640MRJZ Dial Depth Gage with Reverse Movement: 0-10mm
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