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    INTERAPID Magnetic Base with Magnetic Arm

    Height: 440mm/17"

    Length: 320mm/12.5"

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    Product Description

    01639053 INTERAPID Magnetic Base with Magnetic Arm 

    The Brown & Sharpe 01639053 INTERAPID Magnetic Support has the following specifications

    • N: 1000
    • V-Base: ∅30-150mm
    • Height: 440mm/17.32"
    • Length: 320mm/12.59"
    • Base: 73x50x55mm
    • Fine Adjustment 
    • Dovetail and .315'' diameter clamp with fine adjustment

    The 01639053 magnetic support with high precision articulated arm and fine adjustment for measurements that need repeatability in the range of um.

    Simple and secure locking with a two-position knob. Highly rigid arm and articulation.

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