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  • Product Code: #215-156-10

    Granite Comparator Stand # 215-156-10

    Granite base size (W x D x H): 300 x 250 x 80mm

    Column travel: 275mm

    Price: $1,240.00 $1,085.00

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    Product Description

    215-156-10 Mitutoyo Granite Comparator Stand - 300 x 250 x 80mm 

    The Mitutoyo 215-156-10 Granite Comparator Stand has the following specifications:

    • Column travel: 275mm
    • Granite base size (W x D x H): 300 x 250 x 80mm
    • Stem hole: ø8mm, ø9.53mm, ø20mm 
    • Remarks: With fine adjustment over the entire travel


    • Easy maintenance due to the non-rusting base.
    • The rigid granite base is free from burrs and pileups due to its fine-grain composition and less viscousness compared with casting iron. The flatness is always accurate and the workpiece is free from damage.

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