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  • Product Code: #AFG-0200

    Analog Force Gage # AFG-0200

    Range/Size: 5 lbs / 2.26 kg

    Graduations: .025

    Price: $199.00 $177.11

    Product Description

    AFG-0200 Analogue Force Gage: 5 lbs / 2.26 kg

    Phase II force gauges are designed and engineered to achieve WORLD-CLASS tension/compression measurements. Heavy duty construction allows the force gauges to undergo rough handling in any environment, while providing for extremely sensitive and highly accurate readings. The Phase II force gauges include a direct dual scale reading in both lbf and kgf, eliminating the need for two separate gauges in the shop. Force gauges can be hand-held or mounted to an optional force gauge test stand. All force gauges come as a complete kit, containing 5 measuring attachments and plastic carrying case. Numerous models are available to cover a complete range of force capacities.

    The Phase II AFG-0200 has the following specifications:

    • Capacity: 5 lbs / 2.26 kg
    • Resolution: 0.025


    • Heavy-Duty Construction
    • Direct Dial Readings in lbs/kg
    • Extreme Accuracy to +/- 1%
    • Designed for tension/compression measurements
    • Versatile range of gages are supplied in complete test kit form containing full set of accessories and carry case.
    • Can be hand-held or mounted to optional test stand

    If you have any questions about the Phase II AFG-0200 Force Gage or want to see if this gage will work for a specific application, please call, live chat or email us at

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