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  • Product Code: #611684-51B

    Rectangular Gage Block # 611684-51B

    Range/Size: 400mm

    Price: $5,080.00 $4,368.80
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    Product Description

    611684-51B Rectangular Gage Block with CTE Thermal Expansion Coefficient Data: 400mm

    The 611684-51B is made of Steel.


    • Comes with a highly accurate thermal expansion coefficient measured with a high accuracy double-faced interferometer (DFI).
    • The high accuracy gage block interferometer (GBI) guarantees a high dimensional accuracy.
    • Mitutoyo offers rectangular gage blocks, having nominal values from 100 to 500mm Grade: K class in ASME Uncertainty of thermal expansion coefficient: 0.035 x 10-6/K (k = 2) Uncertainty of dimension measurement: 30nm (k = 2), for 100mm block

    The 611684-51B block is superior to the K class blocks, with their quality supported by Mitutoyo?s best technologies.

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