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  • Product Code: #64AAB323P

    HM-200 Series with AVPAK Software - Type B

    Indenter: Vickers

    Fixed Test Force: 98.07, 196.1, 294.2, 490.3, 980.7, 1961, 2942,4903, 9807 (10gf-1000gf)

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    64AAB323P Mitutoyo HM-210 Series with AVPAK Software - Type B: Vickers

    The Mitutoyo 64AAB323P HM-210 Series with AVPAK Software - Type B has the following specifications:

    • Indenter: Vickers
    • Fixed Test Force (mN): 98.07, 196.1, 294.2, 490.3, 980.7, 1961, 2942,4903, 9807 (10gf-1000gf)
    • Arbitrary Test Force: ≤100 gf in 1 gram increments, > 100gf in 10 gram increments
    • Test Force Control: Force generation by electromagnetic and automatic control (load, dwell, unload)
    • Control Unit: None, By PC*
    • Loading Rate: 60 u/ sec
    • Load Dwell Time: 0-999 sec
    • Indenter: Vickers
    • Objective Lenses: 10x, 50x
    • Objective Turret: Motor-driven and manual operation
    • Filar Eye Piece: None
    • CCTV Camera: 3 megapixel, 1/2"
    • Software: AV Pak


    • System B (HM-210/220B) is equipped with AVPAK-10, the software package that automatically measure the diagonal length of an indention and calculates the corresponding hardness value. This means that measurement error caused by variation in operator interpretation is eliminated, thereby reducing costs. Automatic measurement of indentation/manual stage.
    • System D (HM-210D/220D) in addition to the functions of System B, System D is equipped with the autofocus function and motorized x-y stage. This function allows for automatic hardness testing, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing labor costs. Automatic measurement of indentation/motorized XY Stage/Autofocusing.

    HM-210 Series with AVPAK Software: Type B - PC-Driven Test System

    Fixed Test Force (mN): 10gf-1000gf
    • 64AAB323P HM-210 Vickers Indenter
    • 64AAB324P HM-210 Vickers and Knoop Indenter
    Fixed Test Force (mN): 0.05 gf-2kgf
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