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    Portable Hardness Tester

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    Product Description

    ISH-SPHD Portable Hardness Tester

    The SH-SPHD has an accuracy of +/-6HLD (when HLD=800).


    • Impact device D
    • Automatic direction correction
    • Connected with printer via bluetooth
    • Connected with computer via USB port
    • Up to 500 test results can be saved
    • According to ASTM A956


    • Min. Reading: 1HLD, 1HV, 1HB, 0.1HRC, 0.1HRB, 1HS
    • Output: USB and bluetooth
    • Applicable workpiece: minimum thickness .2", minimum radius of curved surface .43", maximum roughness (Ra) 64uin
    • Power Supply: built-in rechargeable battery
    • Dimension: 5.79x1.38x.87"
    • Weight: 0.14lb


    • Main Unit: 1pc
    • Printer: 1pc
    • Hardness Test Block: 1pc
    • Small Support Ring: 1pc
    • Cleaning Brush: 1pc
    • AC/DC Adapter: 1pc
    • USB Cable and Software: 1pc of each

    The ISH-SPHD is based on Leed (HLD), converted to Vickers (HV), Brinell (HB), Rockwell (HRC and HRB), Shore (HS) and tensile stength (MPa).

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