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    2mm Swiveling Tungsten Carbide Ball Probe # 54-930-212

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    54-930-212 Fowler 4mm Height Gage Probe: Swiveling tungsten carbide ball probe M1.4

    The Fowler 54-930-212 4mm Swiveling tungsten carbide ball probe (M1.4the following specifications:

    • M1.4 thread
    • Tungsten carbide ball probe
    • 86.8mm length to swivel 

    The 4mm probes work with the Fowler Sylvac Hi_Cal electronic height gages. You can use these with the Fowler Trimos V Electronic Height gages, but you will need a reduction holder. These probes are Swiss made with the highest possible quality materials including ruby and tungsten carbide. We carry a variety of probe accessories for the height gages that are simple to use with both the Trimos V and Sylvac Hi_Cal. 

    4mm Height Gage Probes & Accessories:

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