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PRODUCT CODE: 3754-24/600

Electronic Height Gage # 3754-24/600

Range: 0-24"/600mm

Resolution: .0005"/.01mm

Price: $1230 $1217.7
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Product Description

3754-24/600 Starrett Electronic Height Gage: 0-24″/600mm

The Starrett 3754-24/600 Electronic Height Gage has the following specifications:

  • Range: 0-24″/300mm
  • Resolution: .0005″/.01mm
  • Accuracy:
    • 0-18″/450mm: +/-.0015″/.04mm
    • 18-24″/450-600mm: +/- .002″/.05mm
  • EDP: 72625

The 3754 Electronic Height Gage is a full featured, versatile and economic solution for most height measurement applications. All measuring information from these tools can be entered directly into Starrett Data Collection Systems for analysis, data collection and hard copy documentation. It is available in 0-12″ and 0-24″ ranges.


  • Clear bar graduations in .100″ and 5mm increments
  • Large .375″/9.65mm easy-to-read LCD display reads to 0.01mm or .0005″
  • Instant unit conversion
  • Carrier and scriber designed to read from zero
  • Hold control feature to retains a reading at any position
  • Plus or minus indication allows reading in proper direction
  • Ability to set zero at any position
  • Manual on/off plus a built-in automatic off after 30 minutes of non-use to conserve battery life.
  • Large positive action keypad
  • Ability to retain and return to the true zero reading of the height gage
  • PRESET button to install any reading at any position
  • Ability to install minimum and maximum limits
  • RS232 data output port
  • Relative scale
  • Fine adjust
  • Works well with Starrett Datasure Wireless Data Collection Systems
  • 1-1/2+ years battery life. Two batteries furnished (CR2032).
  • The base is well-balanced, hardened, ground and lapped.
  • Furnished with two (2) 3-volt batteries (CR2032) and carbide tip scriber
  • Easy access battery cover

Starrett Series 3754 Electronic Height Gages:

  • 3754-12/300 Electronic Height Gage: 0-12″/300mm
  • 3754-24/600 Electronic Height Gage: 0-24″/600mm

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