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  • Product Code: #00790033

    TESA MICRO-HITE Manual Height Gages

    Range/Size: 0-20"/520mm

    Graduation: See Specs Below


    Product Description

    00790033 TESA MICRO-HITE 350 Manual Electronic Height Gage: 0-20"/520mm

    The 00790033 TESA MICRO-HITE Manual Electronic Height Gage has the following specifications:

    • Measuring Span: 0-14"/365mm
    • Application Range with Standard Probe: 0-20"/520mm
    • Application Range with Probe Insert Holder: 0-29"/745mm
    • Accuracy (metric): (2 + 3 * L) μm
    • Accuracy (inches): (0.0001 + 0.000003 * L) in
    • Repeatability: .00005"/.001mm
    • Perpendicularity Error: .00027"/.007mm

    MICRO-HITE (Manual) Control Panel Features:

    • Swiss Made
    • Go/No-Go Tolerance Lights
    • Single Axis and 2D Measurement
    • Single Contact and 2 Probe Contact Measurement
    • Bolt hole pattern analysis
    • Point translation with point creation capability
    • Angle Measurements in two points.
    • Perpendicularity (using optional IG-13 Probe)
    • Chain Dimensioning with 1 or 2 probes
    • Polar and Rectangular Coordinates Measurement
    • Programmable electronics
    • PCMCIA Memory Card Technology

    Included with the 00790033 TESA MICRO-Hite 350 Manual Electronic Height Gage is the following:

    • Standard probe with 5mm carbide ball tip
    • Master for determining probe constant
    • Standard insert holder
    • Battery pack and adaptor
    • Electronic built-in air pump
    • Instruction manual
    • Dust cover

    The 00790033 TESA MICRO-Hite 350 Manual Height Gage does not include the Power Panel (00760163) and must be purchased separately.

    Below is the list of TESA MICRO-HITE Manual Height Gages:

    • 00790033 TESA MICRO-HITE Manual Height Gage: 0-20"/520mm
    • 00790034 TESA MICRO-HITE Manual Height Gage: 0-30"/770mm
    • 00790035 TESA MICRO-HITE Manual Height Gage: 0-42"/1075mm
    • 00760163 TESA MICRO-HITE Manual Power Panel

    Below is the list of TESA MICRO-HITE Plus M Electronic Height Gages:

    • 00730063 TESA MICRO-HITE Plus M Electronic Height Gage: 0-20"/520mm
    • 00730064 TESA MICRO-HITE Plus M Electronic Height Gage: 0-30"/770mm
    • 00730065 TESA MICRO-HITE Plus M Electronic Height Gage: 0-42"/1075mm
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