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  • Product Code: #709BZ

    709 Series Dial Test Indicator # 709BZ

    Range/Size: .060"

    Graduations: .0005"

    Price: $330.00 $323.40

    Product Description

    The 709BZ has a dial reading of 0-15-0 and comes standard without attachments.

    These precision test indicators offer an easy to read angled head and the flexibility of three dovetail mounts.


    • Angled head for better reading position
    • Three dovetail positioning mounts work with existing test indicator accessories
    • Large 1-3/8" (35mm) dial diameter
    • Precision gear-driven design with smooth, jeweled movement
    • Inch reading indicators are available with easy-to-read, shaded white, solid red, or solid black dials – millimeter reading indicators with solid yellow dials
    • Narrow body for in reach ability
    • Contact point reverses automatically, always maintaining clockwise hand rotation
    • Satin chrome finish for durability
    • Contacts are frictionally adjustable and replaceable
    • Indicators include long carbide contacts 13/16" (20mm), with the exceptions of the 709ALZ and 709ALCZ with 1-23/64" (34mm) and 709MALZ and 709MALCZ with 1-5/64" (28mm) long contacts
    • Other ball diameter contact points available as listed
    • Revolution count hand on 708B and 709B models for easy reading
    • Meet or exceed ISO accuracy specification
    • Without Attachments
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