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PRODUCT CODE: 01489022

VALUELINE Dial Gages – 2-1/4″ Diameter Dial

Measuring Range: 1.0"

Dial Color: White

Price: $80 $79
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Product Description

01489022 Brown & Sharpe VALUELINE Dial Gage – 2-1/4″ Diameter Dial: 1.0″

The Brown & Sharpe 01489022 VALUELINE Dial Gage – 2-1/4″ Diameter Dial has the following specifications:

  • Measuring Range: 1.0″
  • Dial Color: White
  • Scale interval: .001″
  • Revolution: .1″
  • Circular Scale: 0-50-100
  • EDP: 88335


  • The economical choice for workshop measurement. Dial color black or white, supplied with revolution counter.
  • Full-metal dial casing. Mounting shank and plunger in hardened stainless steel.
  • Adjustable tolerance markers. Thread M2.5 for measuring insert.
  • Inspection report with a declaration of conformity
  • Rotating dial. With or without dial lock.
  • Measuring insert with 3mm dia. ball tip, already mounted


  • 01489022 Dial Gage: 1.0″ (White Dial Color)
  • 01489023 Dial Gage: 1.0″ (Black Dial Color)

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