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  • Product Code: #543-507

    ABSOLUTE Solar Digimatic Indicator # 543-507

    Range/Size: 0-.500"/12.7mm

    Graduations: .0005"/.01mm

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    Product Description

    543-507 Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE Solar Digimatic Indicator ID-S: 0-.500"/12.7mm

    The Mitutoyo 543-507 ABSOLUTE Solar Digimatic Indicator has the following specifications:

    • Range: 0-.500"/12.7mm
    • Resolution: .0005"/.01mm
    • Accuracy: .001"/.03mm
    • Type: Lug Back
    • Measuring force: 1.5N or less
    • Stem/Shank: 3/8" (ANSI/AGD)
    • #4-48 UNF Thread
    • Model: ID-S1012ES


    • Mitutoyo unique ABSOLUTE sensor automatically restores the last origin position when the indicator is turned on. This allows quick-start operation, which is especially useful in multipoint measurement.
    • Measurement tool with a solar power source. Ready for use from 40 lux illumination.
    • As compact as Series 2 dial indicators.
    • SPC Output provided
    • Two large buttons (three on inch/mm models) improve functionality
    • Any part number followed with a "B" means that model has a flat back (no lug)

    Technical Data:

    • Accuracy: Refer to the list of specifications
    • Resolution: 0.01mm, 0.001mm, .00005"/0.001mm, or .0005"/0.01mm
    • Display: LCD
    • Length Standard: ABSOLUTE electrostatic capacitance type linear encoder
    • Max. Response Speed: Unlimited
    • Measuring Force: Refer to the list of specifications
    • Battery: Solar Battery
    • Dust/Water Protection Level: IP42
    • *can be used continuously above 40 lux


    • Origin Set
    • Counting Direction Switching
    • Inch/Metric conversion

    Mitutoyo ID-S ABSOLUTE Solar Digimatic Indicators ANSI/AGD Type (3/8" Stem):

    • 543-502 Digimatic Indicator: 0-.500"/12.7mm (.00005"/.001mm)
    • 543-507 Digimatic Indicator: 0-.500"/12.7mm (.0005"/.01mm)
    • 543-502B Digimatic Indicator: 0-.500"/12.7mm (.00005"/.001mm)
    • 543-507B Digimatic Indicator: 0-.500"/12.7mm (.0005"/.01mm)

    Mitutoyo ID-S ABSOLUTE Solar Digimatic Indicators ISO Type (8mm Stem):

    • 543-500 Digimatic Indicator: 0-12.7mm (.001mm)
    • 543-505 Digimatic Indicator: 0-12.7mm (.01mm)
    • 543-500B Digimatic Indicator: 0-12.7mm (.001mm)
    • 543-505B Digimatic Indicator: 0-12.7mm (.01mm)
    • 543-501 Digimatic Indicator: 0-.500"/12.7mm (.00005"/.001mm)
    • 543-506 Digimatic Indicator: 0-.500"/12.7mm (.0005"/.01mm)
    • 543-501B Digimatic Indicator: 0-.500"/12.7mm (.00005"/.001mm)
    • 543-506B Digimatic Indicator: 0-.500"/12.7mm (.0005"/.01mm)

    A short video on installing the lifting level on the Mitutoyo 543-507 ID-S Solar Digimatic Indicator:

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