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    Magnetic Stand # 7012-10

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    7012-10 Mitutoyo Series 7 Magnetic Flexi-Stand

    The Mitutoyo 7012-10 Magnetic Flexi-Stand has the following specifications:

    • Description: Magnetic Stand
    • Applicable Holding Stem Dia.: ø6mm, ø8mm*, ø9.53mm*(3/8")
    • Dovetail Groove: --
    • Remarks: for Dial Test Indicator


    • Mitutoyo's Magnetic Stand accepts all dial indicators and dial test indicators. The ON-OFF switch offers instant mounting and dismounting without any adverse effect to the indicators or workpiece surface.
    • Dial Gage Stands are designed for comparison measurements of size using a dial indicator or Digimatic Indicator.
    • Anvil of 7001-10 and 7002-10: ø58m
    • Anvil of 7007-10: 90mm square
    • Vertical fine adjustment is available with one-touch control thanks to the parallel spring suspension
    • *Supplied with collar 02AZC291

    Mitutoyo Series 7 Magnetic Stand:

    • 7010S Magnetic Stand: ø6mm, ø8mm*, ø9.53mm*(3/8")
    • 7011BN Magnetic Stand: ø6mm, ø8mm*, ø9.53mm*(3/8")
    • 7012-10 Magnetic Flexi-Stand: ø6mm, ø8mm*, ø9.53mm*(3/8")
    • 7014 Mini Magnetic Stand: ø6mm, ø8mm
    • 7014E Mini Magnetic Stand: ø6mm, ø8mm*, ø9.53mm*(3/8")
    • 7033B Universal Magnetic Stand: ø6mm, ø8mm, ø9.53mm*(3/8")

    Mitutoyo Series 7 Dial Gage Stand:

    • 7001-10 Dial Gage Stand with Serrated Anvil: ø8mm*, ø9.53mm
    • 7002-10 Dial Gage Stand with Flat Anvil: ø8mm*, ø9.53mm
    • 7007-10 Dial Gage Stand with Square Anvil: ø8mm*, ø9.53mm
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