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    Alignment & Positioning Electronic Indicator # 14-476-6

    Type: Electronic

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    Product Description

    14-476-6 SPI Classic Alignment & Positioning Electronic Indicator

    The SPI 14-476-6 Classic Alignment and Positioning Electronic Indicator has the following specifications:

    • Contact Point Length: 31mm
    • 4mm Diameter Stylus


    • Advanced concept in finding zero, the true starting point of all 3 axis (X-Y-Z) on workpieces
    • Probe actually gets deflected in any of the 3 axes until indicator reaches centerline. At this point the workface (edge) is in direct line with the spindle
    • Radial run-out compensation
    • With the 3D tester centered in a tool holder, the workpiece edge can be positively picked up in one approach, no guessing as with electronic edge finders
    • Can be used on conductive and noncondutive workpieces
    • Electrically insulated contact point for safe applications on all CNC centers and EDM machines
    • 31 mm L x 4 mm dia. stylus included
    • 3/4" shank

    SPI Alignment & Positioning Indicators & Accessories:

    • 13-165-6 Classic Alignment & Positioning IP67 Dial Indicator
    • 14-476-6 Classic Alignment & Positioning Electronic Indicator
    • 14-477-4 Replacement Stylus: 31mm Long & 4mm Diameter
    • 14-478-2 Replacement Stylus: 56mm Long & 6mm Diameter
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