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  • Product Code: #01930258

    TESA Digico Electronic Indicator # 01930258

    Range/Size: 0-.500"/12.5mm

    Graduation: .00005"/.001mm

    Price: $602.00 $565.00

    Product Description

    01930258 TESA DIGICO 710MI Electronic Indicator: 0-0.5"/12.5mm

    The 01930258 Tesa Digico 710MI Electronic Indicator has the following specifications:

    • Range: 0-.500"/12.5mm
    • Resolution: .00005"/.001mm
    • Max Errors: .00015"/.004mm
    • Repeatability Limit: .00008"/.002mm

    High accuracy comparative measurement with DIGICO 1. Repeatability of 1 micron reached for a 30 mm measuring range thanks to an incrementally integrated rule system.


    • Digital / analogue display
    • Digital keyboard for easy configuration of the instrument, including preset and tolerance mode.
    • Measurement memory, max, min and max-min.

    The 01930258 TESA DIGICO Electronic Indicator has integrated measurement memory

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    • 01930257 Tesa Digico 610MI Electronic Indicator: 0-1.00"/25.4mm (.00005"/.001mm)
    • 01930258 Tesa Digico 710MI Electronic Indicator: 0-.500"/12.5mm (.00005"/.001mm)
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