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Laser Scan Microemter with LSM6200 Display # 64PKA121

Resolution: .000005" to .005"

Range: .040" to 4.72"

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Product Description

64PKA121 Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometer with LSM6200 Display – .040″ to 4.72″ (1 to 120mm) 

The Mitutoyo 64PKA121 Laser Scan Micrometer LSM-512S has the following specifications:

  • Applicable laser standards: IEC, FDA
  • User’s manual: English version
  • Measuring range: .040″ to 4.72″ (1 to 120mm)
  • Resolution: .000005″ to .005″ (0.1 to 100?m) (selectable)
  • Repeatability*1: +/-0.85?m
  • Accuracy*2: (20?C) Whole range +/-6?m
  • Small range: +/-(4.0+0.5?D)?m*3
  • Positional error*4: +/-8?m
  • Measuring area*5: 30x120mm (1 to 120mm)
  • Scanning rate: 3200 scans/s
  • Laser wavelength: 650nm (Visible)
  • Laser scanning speed: 904m/s
  • Operating environment Temperature: 0 to 40?C
  • Operating environment Humidity: RH 35 to 85% (no condensation)
  • Protection Level: IP64*6
  • Includes LSM 6200 Display


  • Ensures +/-6?m accuracy over the entire measuring range (1 to 120mm).
  • Narrow range accuracy of +/-(4.0+0.5?D)?m for high-precision measurement.
  • Ultra-high speed measurement of 3200 scan/sec. Suitable for high speed-lines or in applications subject to vibration.

Laser Scan Micrometer LSM-512S

  • 544-540 Laser Scan Micrometer LSM-512S – Laser Only
  • 64PKA121 Laser Scan Micrometer LSM-500S – with LSM 6200 Display

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