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    54-896-100 BlueLEVEL Cable for Software Interface

    The new Wireless blueSYSTEM from Wyler AG of Switzerland is a further enhancement of the well known and established NT line of levels for machine tool inspection and surface measurement. The new system combines the latest sensor & pendulum technology with optional wireless data transmission over the international Bluetooth standards.


    • Compact and ergonomic design which is functionally optimized for precision measurement
    • Optional wireless data transmission based on the internationally approved Bluetooth TM-standard
    • Rotating, easy to read, LCD display.
    • Each instrument is assigned its own specific address allowing the use of several independent systems in the same area without interfering with each other.
    • Since each blueLEVEL has a built in, optional IR receiver, the measurement can be initiated at any instrument
    • Linearity according to DIN 2276
    • All instruments are equipped with RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485 interfaces
    • Powered by standard 1.5V batteries type ""C""
    • In compliance with CE regulations and all applicable EMC regulations
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