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PRODUCT CODE: 05330203

TESA Clinobevel USB Sets

Measuring Range: ± 45°

EDP: 36119

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Product Description

05330203 Brown & Sharpe TESA Clinobevel USB Set: ± 45°

The Brown and Sharpe 05330203 TESA Clinobevel USB Set has the following specifications:

  • Measuring Range: ± 45°
  • Set Includes: CLINOSOFT software and USB cable
  • EDP: 36119

Portable and compact instrument to measure horizontal and vertical inclination up to ± 45°. Light, manageable and battery operated it can be used directly on the piece to be measured.

Brown & Sharpe TESA Clinobevel 1 USB Levels

  • 05330203 Clinobevel 1 USB: ± 45° (Set Includes: Software and USB Cable)
  • 05330204 Clinobevel 1 USB: ± 45° (Only the Level)

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