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Pocket Size Digital Level # DWL-80E

Measuring Range: 0° ~ 90°; 4 x 90° (360°)

Accuracy: ± 0.1° at around 0° & 90° ; ± 0.2° at 1°~89°

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Product Description

DWL-80E Digi-Pas Pocket-Size Digital Level: 0° ~ 90°; 4 x 90° (360°)

The Digi-Pas Pocket-Size Digital Level has the following specifications:

  • Measuring Range: 0° ~ 90°; 4 x 90° (360°)
  • Resolution: 0.1° (1.75mm/M)
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1° at around 0° & 90° ; ± 0.2° at 1°~89°
  • Alternate Zero feature
  • Digital display of angle in °(Degree), %(slope)
  • Build in magnet at the base of aluminum
  • 3 Minutes auto off


  • Small & Handy: DWL-80E is about 10cm in length and can be easily kept in the pocket or hung around the waist. Easy & convenient to measure difficult access work places
  • Easy to use: Simply turn on the ON/Off button and place it on any object surface and read the measured value. Use hold function to assist reading the measured value after removing from the area. 
  • Aesthetic Design: The unique design has been incorporated with a CLIP to hook on.
  • Built-In Magnet: Strong magnet at the steel base enable users to hold to variety of metal surfaces which is useful in many practical applications.
  • Instant unit conversion: Instantly convert measurement unit from °(Degree) to %slope, mm/M & in/Ft
  • User Self Calibration: Easy self-calibration feature allows user to reset the digital level back to factory preset accuracy.

Benefits of the DWL-80E

  • Easily & quickly display any angle in digital – No Guessing!
  • Precise, speedy & reliable measurements.
  • User can self-calibrate the level by his/her own at ease.
  • User can simply convert °(Degree) to %(slope), mm/M or in/Ft without the need for calculation.
  • Can attach to metal surface and enable user hand free operation.
  • Extended battery life.

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