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  • Product Code: #2177-2

    Electronic Level and Protractor

    Range/Size: 0-360 Degrees

    Sensitivity: .05 Degrees

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    Product Description

    2177-2 (EDP 876300) Electronic Level and Protractor

    The 2177-2 has a resolution of .05 degrees and an accuracy of +/- .2 degrees.


    • Can be used as a protractor and level
    • The sea level is set inside the chip, calibration is not required
    • 4 working surfaces, 2 surfaces have magnets
    • Buttons: On/Off, Level, Zero
    • The display rotates when the gage is upside down
    • 9 volt battery
    • Supplied in fitted storage case

    The 2177-2 is a great protractor/level that can be used in a variety of applications.

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