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    Precision Spirit Levels

    Size: 7-7/8"/200mm

    Sensitivity: .0005"/10", 10 Second, .05mm/m

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    Product Description

    53-422-525 Fowler/Wyler Precision Spirit Level: 7-7/8"/200mm

    The Fowler/Wyler 53-422-525 has the following specifications:

    • Size: 7-7/8" x 1-11/16" x 1-5/8" (200mm x 43mm x 41mm)
    • Sensitivity:
      • .0005"/10"
      • .05mm/m
      • 10 seconds

    The Fowler-Wyler Horizontal Spirit Level is used for inspecting and levelling horizontal surfaces and cylinders. Sensitivity of .0005" per 10" length. This model features prismatic bearing surface, longitudinal and cross levels. Levels feature numerous advantages and ensure easy, accurate measurements.

    Special Features:

    • Protective wooden handle with large plastic window prevents damage to the vial from dirt and rough handling.
    • Fully in compliance with DIN standards
    • Magnetic inserts available upon request.
    • To ensure constant high precision, the main vial is mounted under stress free conditions within a steel tube.
    • In addition to the normal viewing from above, the large window enables the vial to be observed from both sides. This advantage is obvious when the operator is working in confined, close, remote areas and unable to move about during his inspections.
    • Stability of twist to +/- 5?
    • Simple adjustment system.
    • Includes wooden case.

    Fowler/Wyler Precision Spirit Levels:

    • 53-422-525 Precision Spirit Level: 7-7/8"/200mm
    • 53-422-555 Precision Spirit Level: 11-13/16"/300mm

    Special Precision Spirit Levels are available in different sizes and sensitivities. Email info@higherprecision.com for more information.

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