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PRODUCT CODE: 54-422-550

Digi Level Plus Electronic Levels

Accuracy: +/- .2 Degrees

Resolution: .05 Degrees

Price: $134.74 $120.00
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Product Description

54-422-550 Fowler Digi Level Plus

The Fowler 54-422-550 Digi Level Plus has the following specifications:

  • Accuracy: +/- .2°
  • Resolution: .05°


  • IP65 protected against fluid and dust
  • Super large 0.70″ backlit display
  • Includes a 6″ straight edge with beveled edge and 1/32nds graduations
  • Smart wireless available to connect to phone or tablet
  • V’s on top and bottom for measuring on cylindrical surfaces
  • Embedded magnets on bottom base for vertical and horizontal hold
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB charging cable supplied
  • Auto inverting display

Digi Level Plus Electronic Levels:

  • 54-422-550 Digi Level Plus

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