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  • Product Code: #52-422-072

    Wyler Circular Spirit Levels

    Range/Size: 2.360"/60mm

    Sensitivity: 20-30 Minute of Arc

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    Product Description

    52-422-072 Fowler/Wyler Circular Spirit Level: 2.360"60mm

    The Fowler/Wyler 52-422-072 circular spirit level has the following specifications:

    • Base Size: 2.360"/60mm
    • Sensitivity: 20-30 Seconds of Arc
    • Mounting Diameter: 1.968"/50mm
    • Screw Hole Diameter: .135"/3.5mm

    Special Features:

    • Swiss Made
    • Circular Spirit Levels are used for leveling machines and other types of apparatus.

    Below is a list of all the Fowler/Wyler Circular Spirit Levels:

    • 52-422-072 Circular Spirit Level: 2.360"/60mm
    • 52-422-073 Circular Spirit Level: 0.787"/20mm
    • 52-422-074 Circular Spirit Level: 1.181"/30mm
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