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    Magnetic Precision and Universal Spirit Level

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    53-422-048 Fowler/Wyler Magnetic Precision Spirit Level

    The Fowler/Wyler 53-422-048 magnetic precision spirit level has the following specifications:

    • Dimensions: 6" x 1-9/16" x 6" (150mm x 40mm x 150mm)
    • .0002"/10"
    • .02mm/m
    • Angular Sensitivity: 4 seconds

    The Fowler/Wyler 53-422-048 is considered one of the best magnetic precision spirit levels available on the market today. This level has magnetic inserts on the vertical base. When it comes to magnetic precision spirit levels, there are not many other brands that can produce the level of quality that Wyler can.

    Fowler-Wyler Universal Spirit Levels feature an insulated handle. Main vial unit observed from above and from either side. The vial unit is set into a steel tube in a stress free location, and can be adjusted in the body of the Spirit Level by a fine thread and screw system. Hand scraped by Swiss craftsmen. Includes fitted case. Fowler-Wyler Magnetic Precision Spirit Level checks and levels cylinders, horizontal and vertical surfaces. Constructed with two prismatic measuring surfaces. Sensitivity .0002" per 10". Magnets to ensure complete adherence to vertical surfaces of parts and vertical arbors or shafts. Operators on milling and boring units, inspectors and fitters work with free hands.

    If you are looking for the 53-422-048 precision spirit level but require a different size or sensitivity, contact our inside sales department for assistance. Special versions of this level with magnetic inserts on both bases is also available.

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