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    NivelSWISS Electronic Level

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    54-800-000-1 nivelSWISS (formally Niveltronic)

    The nivelSWISS is a battery powered electronic inclinometer with an analog display on a built-in galvanometer. The remarkable stability of the zero-point makes this instrument particularly suitable for long lasting measuring tasks and for adjustment or alignment works on large guide-ways.

    The 54-800-000-1 nivelSWISS is mounted in a solid body of carefully treated cast iron and is equipped with two prismatic measuring flat surfaces and shafts (diameters Ø 20... 120mm) horizontally or vertically.

    The measuring faces are carefully hand scraped to obtain an extraordinary precision. This makes the instrument perfect for adjustments or checks on rectangular geometrical elements of machine tools and structures.

    The 54-800-000-1 nivelSWISS has two different measuring ranges:

    • Range of +/-.150mm/m with .010mm/m sensitivity
    • Range of +/-.750mm/m with .05mm/m sensitivity

      The nivelSWISS is the replacement for the older version called the Niveltronic. Special versions are available upon request.

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