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    AT402E Linear Scales - High Vibration/Shock Resistance Type

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    Product Description

    539-371-00 AT402E Linear Scale Series 539 - High Vibration/Shock Resistance Type

    The 539-371-00 has an effective range of 140 - 3040mm.


    • Achieving the world-class vibration resistance (20G) and shock resistance (40G) for using with a heavy cutting machine tool.
    • Multi-point elastic fixing for very linear and smooth expansion and contraction with temperature changes
    • 1Vpp/20um signal output for high connectivity with various machine controllers.
    • Absolute Interval Code for a simple and affordable Absolute Measuring System.
    • High-response speed of 120m/min
    • High measuring accuracy of +/-2um (up to 540mm)

    Technical Data:

    • Type: (W/O Cable)
    • Accuracy (at 20 Degrees C)
    • 140 to 540mm +/-2um
    • 640 to 940mm +/-3um
    • 1040 to 3040mm +/-3um/m
    • Output signal: Two 90 Degree phase-shifted sinusoidal signals (1 Vpp)
    • Maximum response speed: 120m/min.
    • Signal output pitch: 20um
    • Dust/water protection level: IP53
    • Operating temperature: 0 Degrees C to 45 Degrees C

    The 539-371-00 has an EFF Length of 140mm.

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