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    Digimatic Tool Kit # 64PKA070

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    64PKA070 (Inch Tool Kit)

    The Digimatic Tool Kits include Mitutoyo's highly popular 0-1"/0-25mm Digmatic Micrometer (choose ratchet or friction type) and 0-6"/0-150mm Digimatic Caliper with Absolute Encoder. The case is made of handsome, solid mahogany and has space for gage batteries. The micrometer spanner is a supplied accessory.


    • 101-117 Outside Micrometer (Friction Thimble Type), (Range: 0-1", Graduation: .001")
    • 129-132 Depth Micrometer (with 6 pcs Rods), (Range: 0-6", Graduation: .001")
    • 182-202 6" Full-Flexible Rule (3R)
    • 505-675 Dial Caliper (Range: 0-6", Dial Graduation: .001")
    • 050503 Mahogany Case

    For operations where depth measurements are a primary concern, the kit 64PKA070 is ideal for measuring depths to 6", in addition to providing the tools for regular precision measurements.

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