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    Sylvac Electronic Measuring Kit

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    54-815-333 Electronic Measuring Kit

    The Fowler 54-815-333 is one of the best measuring kits available on the market today. Both the electronic caliper and electronic micrometer are made by Sylvac and come with a 5-year warranty. The Sylvac Electronic Measuring Kit includes both the S_Mike Pro micrometer and Ultra-Cal V Electronic Caliper. The kit is complete with an output cable to be able to hook either gage up to a computer or PC for data collection and all comes in a shop hardened case.

    54-815-333 Kit Includes :

    • 54-815-030         0-1.18"/0-30mm S_Mike Pro Electronic Micrometer
    • 54-100-067-1     0-6"/150mm Ultra-Cal V Electronic Caliper
    • 54-115-526        USB Proximity Output Cable
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