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  • Product Code: #53-813-001-2

    Caliper, Micrometer, & Snap Gage Checking Set

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    Product Description

    53-813-001-2 Fowler Caliper, Micrometer & Snap Gage Checking Set

    The Fowler 53-813-002-1 Caliper, Micrometer & Snap Gage Checking Set was introduced to the US market at the beginning of 2013. This calibration kit is perfect for calibrating and checking the accuracy of calipers, micrometers, snap gages, and thickness gages just to list a few.

    The 9-piece gage block set included in the kit is traceable to N.I.S.T. The Caliper, Micrometer & Snap Gage Checking Set is perfect for smaller machine shops and manufacturing facilities. Fowler has come out with some great and inexpensive setting and calibration kits over the past few years. If this set is as popular as the Bore Gage Setting Master Kit, the 53-813-001-1 is going to become a best seller for the Fred V. Fowler Company.

    Fowler's setting master is quick, easy and extremely accurate. It comes with a certificate of calibration and comes in a fitted aluminum case. Save time and money by calibrating your own measuring tools quickly and easily.

    The 53-813-001-2 Fowler Caliper, Micrometer & Snap Gage Checking Set is in the Fowler Tool-A-Thon catalog

    Set Includes:

    • Calibration certification traceable to NIST standards
    • Stand height is 12.5"
    • Set includes a 9-piece Grade AS-0 Gage Block Set
    • Block sizes include .0625", .100", .125", .200", .250", .300", .500", 1.000", 2.000"
    • Certificate of calibration is traceable to N.I.S.T. standard & provides the individual deviation of each block
    • Optical flat (flatness is .000004"; parallelism is .00002")
    • 4.0mm ball end T-handle hex wrench
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