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  • Product Code: #3127-8E

    Electronic Three Point Internal Micrometers

    Range/Size: .240-.310"/6-8mm

    Graduation: .00005"/.001mm

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    Product Description

    3127-8E (EDP 282299) Electronic Three Point Internal Micrometer: .24-.31"/6-8mm

    The 3127-8E has an accuracy of .00016"


    • Resolution: .00005"/.001mm
    • Buttons: On/Off, mm/inch, ABS/INC
    • IP54 protection
    • Data output, SPC cable is an optional accessory
    • SR44 or LR44 battery,
    • Auto power off
    • Ratchet stop
    • Supplied with standard ring and extension rods
    • Supplied in a fitted storage case

    The 3127-8E Three Point Internal Micrometer includes the following:

    • Measuring Head
    • Electronic micrometer style readout
    • .240" Setting Ring
    • 3.94" Extension Rod

    Below is a list of all the Insize Electronic Three Point Internal Micrometers:

    • 3127-8E      has a range of .240-.310"/6-8mm
    • 3127-10E    has a range of .310-.390"/8-10mm
    • 3127-12E    has a range of .390-.470"/10-12mm
    • 3127-16E    has a range of .470-.630"/12-16mm
    • 3127-20E    has a range of .630-.790"/16-20mm
    • 3127-25E    has a range of .790-.980"/20-25mm
    • 3127-30E    has a range of .980-1.18"/25-30mm
    • 3127-40E    has a range of 1.18-1.57"/30-40mm
    • 3127-50E    has a range of 1.57-1.97"/40-50mm
    • 3127-63E    has a range of 1.97-2.48"/50-63mm
    • 3127-75E    has a range of 2.44-2.95"/62-75mm
    • 3127-88E    has a range of 2.95-3.46"/75-88mm
    • 3127-100E  has a range of 3.43-3.94"/88-100mm
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