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  • Product Code: #52-240-001-1

    Outside Micrometers Series 52-240

    Range/Size: 0-1"

    Graduations: .0001"

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    Product Description

    52-240-001-1 Fowler Outside Micrometer: 0-1"

    The Fowler 52-240-001-1 Outside Micrometer has the following specifications:

    • Range: 0-1"
    • Graduation: 0.0001"
    • Accuracy: +/- .00015"
    • Thimble: Friction

    Fowler's Large Capacity Inch Micrometers are used for larger applications and is available in sizes up to 20". Each micrometer offers superior design and workmanship to ensure high precision and long life and at economical prices.  Each micrometer includes a spanner wrench, fitted case and micrometer standard for sizes over 1".

    Technical Data:

    • Micro fine graduations on satin chrome finish and carbide tipped measuring faces
    • Diameter of measuring faces: .256"
    • Flatness: .00003"
    • Friction or ratchet stop thimble for exact and repetitive readings.
    • Hammer tone blue baked enamel finish.
    • Positive lever locking clamp
    • Spindle thread hardened, ground and lapped for ultimate accuracy.
    • Quick, easy zero adjustment on sleeve.
    • Anvil & spindle hardened and precision ground with micro lap finish on tips.
    • Meets or exceeds Federal accuracy
    • Includes a wrench and fitted case.

    Fowler Outside Micrometers - with Standards and Case - Inch:

    Fowler Outside Micrometer Sets: - with Standards and Case - Inch:

    A short video on the Fowler 52-240-001-1 Outside Micrometer: (0-1" Shown as example)

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