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PRODUCT CODE: 54-219-004

Electronic IP65 Thread Micrometer # 54-219-004

Range: 3-4"/-75-100mm

Thread Range: 24 - 3.5 TPI/1 - 7mm

Price: $320.54 $292.00
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Product Description

54-219-004 Fowler Electronic IP65 Thread Micrometer: 3-4″/75-100mm

The Fowler 54-219-004 Electronic IP65 Thread Micrometer has the following specifications:

  • Range: 3-4″/75-100mm
  • Thread Range: 24 – 3.5 TPI/1 – 7mm
  • Accuracy: +/-  .00012″/.003mm


  • Water Resistant to IP65 specifications
  • True inch/metric conversion
  • 60 Degree measuring anvils
  • ABS/INC measuring mode
  • Positive spindle lock
  • Painted enamel and heat insulated frame
  • Resolution: 0.00005″/0.001mm
  • Friction thimble sizes over 1″/25mm include a calibration standard

Fowler Screw Thread Micrometers:

  • 54-219-001 Electronic IP65 Thread Micrometer: 0-1″/25mm
  • 54-219-002 Electronic IP65 Thread Micrometer: 1-2″/25-50mm
  • 54-219-003 Electronic IP65 Thread Micrometer: 2-3″/50-75mm
  • 54-219-004 Electronic IP65 Thread Micrometer: 3-4″/75-100mm

A short video on the Fowler 54-219-004 and other Fowler screw thread micrometers:

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