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  • Product Code: #4167921

    Inside Micrometer - # 4167921

    Measuring Range: 275-300mm

    Readings: 0.01mm

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    Product Description

    4167921 Mahr Inside Micrometer: 275-300mm

    The Mahr 4167921 Inside Micrometer has the following specifications:

    • Measuring range (Measuring head 44 CBm and End piece CBv): 275-300mm
    • Readings: 0.01mm
    • Spindle thread pitch: 0.5mm


    • Basic Instrument consists of: Measuring head and End piece
    • Measuring head and End piece with mounting bore for interchangeable anvils
    • Rigid, lightweight tubular construction
    • Spindle is hardened throughout and ground
    • Locking lever
    • Scales with satin-chrome finish
    • Carbide tipped spherical measuring faces
    • Interchangeable extensions 44 Cv with cylindrical gage rods that are spring-mounted in protective sleeves; for the extension of the measuring range (Accessories)
    • Protection sleeves have a satin chrome finish
    • Span of error Basic unit 6 μm
    • Basic unit in combination with any of the extensions
    • Supplied with: Case

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    Mahr Inside Micrometer Extensions:

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