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    Micrometer W/ Dial Comparators - Metric

    Measuring range: 0-25mm

    Measuring force: 6.5N

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    4154000 Mahr Micrometer W/ Dial Comparator: 0-25mm

    The Mahr 4154000 Micrometer W/ Dial Comparator has the following specifications:

    • Measuring Range: 0-25mm
    • Measuring Force: 6.5N
    • Retraction: 1.2mm
    • Measuring Faces Flatness: ≤0.2 µm
    • Measuring Faces Parallelism: ≤2 µm


    • For rapid measurements of diameters of cylindrical parts (shafts, bolts and shanks)
    • Measurements of thickness and length
    • Recommended for standard precision parts


    • Rugged steel frame, heat insulated and chrome plated (up to measuring range 100-150mm)
    • Maximum stability
    • Retraction of the movable anvil and carbide-tipped measuring faces ensures maximum wear resistance
    • Measuring spindle made of stainless steel, hardened throughout and ground, lockable
    • Scales with satin-chrome finish
    • Constant measuring force
    • Heat insulators
    • Supplied with: Dial Comparator 1003, wooden case

    Mahr Micrometer W/ Dial Comparators - Metric:

    • 4154000 Micrometer W/ Dial Comparator: 0-25mm
    • 4154001 Micrometer W/ Dial Comparator: 25-50mm
    • 4154002 Micrometer W/ Dial Comparator: 50-100mm
    • 4154003 Micrometer W/ Dial Comparator: 100-150mm
    • 4154004 Micrometer W/ Dial Comparator: 150-200mm
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