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Mitutoyo 123-106 Disk Micrometer: 125-150mm

Product Code: 123-106
MFGID: 123-106

Brand: Mitutoyo

Range: 125-150mm

Graduations: .01mm

$397.00 $341.42
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Product Description

123-106 Mitutoyo Disk Micrometer: 125-150mm

The Mitutoyo 123-106 Disk Micrometer has the following specifications:


The Mitutoyo 123-106 mechanical counter disc micrometer is designed to measure the root tangent length of spur gears and helical gears within +/- 0.0002″ of accuracy. Measurements are displayed on an analog digit counter on the frame. The Mitutoyo disk micrometers with mechanical counter are available in inch or metric units. The Mitutoyo disc micrometer uses flat discs constructed of hardened steel in our own Japanese facilities to measure lengths of spur and helical gears. The flatness and thinness of the discs allow for reliable measurements in tight spaces. A ratchet-stop mechanism provides uniform pressure on a workpiece for precise, repeatable measurements and eliminates over-speed error.

Technical Data:

Mitutoyo Disk Micrometers – Rotating Spindle – Metric:

Mitutoyo Disk Micrometers – Rotating Spindle – Inch:


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