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Mitutoyo 124-178 Gear Tooth Micrometer: 125-150mm

Product Code: 124-178
MFGID: 124-178

Brand: Mitutoyo

Range: 125-150mm

Graduations: .01mm

$547.00 $470.42
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Product Description

124-178 Mitutoyo Gear Tooth Micrometer: 125-150mm

The Mitutoyo 124-178 Gear Tooth Micrometer has the following specifications:


The Mitutoyo 124-178 gear tooth micrometers measures gear modules using precision with optional interchangeable anvil-spindle tips to measure different sizes and types of gears. The Mitutoyo gear tooth micrometer series measures the over-pin diameter of gears. Precision carbide anvil and spindle ball-tipped measuring surfaces are interchangeable, with optional ball-tip faces allowing for measurement of various gear modules. A ratchet-stop mechanism provides uniform pressure on a workpiece for precise, repeatable measurements.

Mitutoyo Gear Tooth Micrometers – Metric:

Note: Interchangeable Ball Anvil-Spindle sets are not included with the 124-178 and must be purchased in addition to the gear tooth micrometer.

Mitutoyo Interchangeable Ball Anvil-Spindle Tip Sets (Ball Diameter):


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