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  • Product Code: #167-103

    Micrometer Standard # 167-103

    Length: 75mm

    Accuracy: +/- .0025mm

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    Product Description

    167-103 Mitutoyo Micrometer Standard: 75mm

    The Mitutoyo 167-103 micrometer standard has the following specifications:

    • Length: 75mm
    • Accuracy: +/- .0025mm
    • Diameter: 6.35mm


    • Used for the zero point setting of outside micrometers.
    • Flat and lapped measuring faces.
    • Heat insulating handle to prevent expansion due to body temperature.
    • Supplied in fitted carton up to 500mm and wooden case for sizes 525mm and larger

    Technical Data

    • Flatness: 0.3�m
    • Parallelism: 2�m
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