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  • Product Code: #14-220-8

    Micrometer Standard # 14-220-8

    Length/Size: 525mm

    Accuracy: +/- .0055mm

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    Product Description

    14-220-8 SPI Micrometer Standard: 525mm

    The SPI 14-220-8 Micrometer Standard has the following specifications:

    • Length/Size: 525mm
    • Accuracy: +/- .0055mm


    • Use for calibration of micrometers, as spacing bars for stages and for checking accuracy of vernier and dial calipers.
    • Complete with heat insulating handle.
    • Lapped measuring ends:
      • Flat ends for 300mm and under
      • Spherical ends for over 300mm

    SPI Micrometer Standards - Metric:

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