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Fixed Range Inside Micrometer # 824MA

Range: 75-100mm

Graduations: .01mm

Price: $335 $314.9
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Product Description

824MA Starrett Fixed Range Inside Micrometer: 75-100mm

The Starrett 824MA Fixed Range Inside Micrometer has the following specifications:

  • Range: 75-100mm
  • Graduations: .01mm
  • Accuracy: +/- .002mm per 25mm of Range
  • EDP: 64193

The Starrett 824M Inside Micrometer is for those who prefer inside micrometers without interchangeable rods. The 824 and 824M Series can be ordered individually or in sets.


  • With Lock Nut (except 824MAA Model)
  • Adjustable sleeve
  • Insulated handle on all sizes minimize possible expansion by heat when hand held.
  • Adjustable contacts on the thimble end
  • Made in the USA

Starrett Fixed Range Inside Micrometers and Sets – Inch:

25mm Screw Movement:

  • 824MAA Fixed Range Inside Micrometer: 50-75mm
  • 824MA    Fixed Range Inside Micrometer: 75-100mm
  • 824MB    Fixed Range Inside Micrometer: 100-125mm
  • 824MC    Fixed Range Inside Micrometer: 125-150mm
  • S824MAZ Fixed Range Inside Micrometer Set: 50-150mm

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