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PRODUCT CODE: 599-181-924

Value-Line Micrometer Set Without Standards # 599-181-924

Range/Size: 0-4"

Graduation: .0001"

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Product Description

599-181-924 Value-Line Micrometer Set without Standards: 0-4″

The 599-181-924 Value-line Micrometer Set by Brown and Sharpe is a great quality micrometer set that is ideal for the shop floor. The value-line micrometers are rugged, durable, and like all Brown and Sharpe products, made from the best quality materials.


  • Friction thimble.
  • .0001″ Graduations
  • Tungsten carbide tipped measuring faces
  • Spindle Lock
  • Black enamel frame

The 599-181-924 micrometer set meets Federal specifications.

Below is the list of Brown and Sharpe Value-line Micrometers and Micrometer Sets:

Value-line Micrometer Sets without Standards:

Value-line Micrometer Sets with Standards:

Individual Value-line Micrometers:

  • 599-1-44 Value-line Micrometer: 0-1″
  • 599-2-44 Value-line Micrometer: 1-2″
  • 599-3-44 Value-line Micrometer: 2-3″
  • 599-4-44 Value-line Micrometer: 3-4″
  • 599-5-44 Value-line Micrometer: 4-5″
  • 599-6-44 Value-line Micrometer: 5-6″

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