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PRODUCT CODE: 54-265-090

Universal Gage 6″ Extension # 54-265-090

Size: 6" (150mm)

Price: $362.75 $333.73
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Product Description

54-265-090 Fowler Universal Gage 6″ Extension 

The Fowler 54-265-090 Universal Gage 6″ Extension has the following specifications:

  • Accessory: 6″ Extension
  • Only compatible with Fowler/Bowers Universal Gages

The Fowler/Bowers Universal Measuring Gage is ideal for the measurement of inside and outside diameters, threads, slots, recesses, grooves, tapers, etc. The large variety of accessories are easily and quickly interchanged, allowing measurements of virtually any type of work piece.  The Universal Gage has the ability to measure both ID as well as OD and can be used in a variety of measuring applications.  The Universal Gage is a comparative gage that has to be mastered prior to using.  Gage blocks are popular for setting OD dimensions and setting rings are popular for setting the ID dimensions.  Fowler/Bowers also offer a few different style setting master kits that allow users to master the gage for either ID or OD.  Extension are available to extend out he range of the Universal Gage out to measurement of 118″/3000mm.  


  • Internal and external measurement.
  • Extremely large measuring range: 0-118″/0-3000mm
  • Constant measuring pressure.
  • Digital readout.
  • Large range of accessories.
  • Anvil travel of .590″ (15mm).

Sylvac Electronics Features:

  • Min / Max / TIR Modes
  • .0005″/.00005″ and .01mm/.001mm Switchable resolutions
  • Direct RS232 Output
  • Tolerance Indication
  • Rotating Display
  • Two presets

Fowler Universal Gage and Accessories:

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