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Horizontal Bench Tables

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54-618-231 Fowler Sylvac Horizontal Bench Table 25 Measuring Range, 38 Measuring Capacity

The Fowler 54-618-231 Horizontal Bench Tables has the following specifications:

  • Measuring Range: 25mm
  • Measuring Capacity: 38mm
  • Anvil Points: 3
  • Sylvac Digital Readout Not Included 

Spawned from the Swiss watch making industry the latest internal horizontal measuring bench table from Fowler/Sylvac is perfect for highly accurate, repeatable small part measuring.

Adjustable measuring force makes the gage ideal for both flexible and rigid parts.

The extremely rugged design of the gage is ideal for production environments, while being refined enough for lab or inspection applications.

  • Range: 25mm Meas. Range, 38mm Meas Capacity
  • Max. Error: 1.5μm
  • Repeatability: 0.3μm
  • Resolution: 0.1μm
  • Measuring Force(Adjustable): 0.2 -1.01
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Anvils Clamping Dimension: Ø1.5mm
  • A: 301
  • B: 65
  • C: 25

Fowler Sylvac Horizontal Bench Table:

  • 54-618-231: 25mm Measuring Range, 38mm Measuring Capacity
  • 54-618-235: 0.8-1.3mm 3-point Internal Measurement
  • 54-618-236: 1.3-2.5mm 3-point Internal Measurement
  • 54-618-237: 2.5-4mm 3-point Internal Measurement
  • 54-618-238: 4-8mm 3-point Internal Measurement
  • 54-618-239: 8-12.5mm 3-point Internal Measurement

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