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    PH-3515F Profile Projector Accessory - # 172-166

    Range: 100X

    Set: Yes

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    Product Description

    172-166 Mitutoyo PH-3515F Profile Projector Accessory - 100X Projection Lens Set

    The Mitutoyo 172-166 PH-3515F 100X Projection Lens Set - has the following specifications:

    • Range: 100X
    • Projection Lens Set
    • Compatible with PH-3515F Profile Projector (172-868A)


    • Benchtop model uses a horizontal optical system.
    • Suitable for thread pitch measurements - blurred or distorted images will not be produced when workpiece is angled.
    • Inverted image on the day-bright screen.
    • 14" (356mm) diameter vernier protractor screen with solid line cross-hairs for easy alignment.
    • Heavy-duty workpiece table incorporates linear scales for fast, accurate measurement.
    • Digital angle measurement to 1' or 0.01?.
    • Built-in linear scales for use with optional display counters.

    PH-3515F Profile Projector

    PH-3515F Profile Projector Optional Accessories

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