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    Brown & Sharpe TLC-TWIN Wireless Solutions

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    Product Description

    04760180 TLC-TWIN Emitter-receiver for Brown & Sharpe TWIN Series Measuring Tool

    The 04760180 is Swiss Made.


    • Bi-directional communication between computer workstation and measuring tools equipped with a TLC component.

    The 04760180 has a range up to 39 feet/12 meters, depending on the surroundings.

    Below is the list of Brown and Sharpe TLC-TWIN Wireless Solutions:

    Individual TLC-TWIN Wireless Solutions:

    • 04760180 TLC-TWIN Wireless Solution
    • 05030012 TWIN-Station Receiver
    • 04760181 TLC-USB Cable
    • 04760182 TLC-DIGIMATIC Cable
    • 04981001 DataDirect Data Collection and Reporting Software
    • 04981002 StatExpress Quality Assurance Software
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