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  • Product Code: #53-880-005

    Class ZZ Minus Tolerance Pin Gage Set # 53-880-005

    Range: .011" to .250"

    Accuracy: +.0000"-.0002"

    Price: $425.71 $395.91
    Lowest Price Guaranteed

    Product Description

    53-880-005 Fowler Class ZZ Plus Tolerance Pin Gage Set

    The Fowler 53-880-005 Class ZZ Plus Tolerance Pin Gage Set has the following specifications:

    • Range: .011" to .250"
    • Accuracy: +.0002"-.0000"
    • No. of Gages per Set: 240

    High precision Pin Gage (Plug Gage) sets at very economical prices. Offered in two grades of tolerance: Plus (+.0002") & Minus (-.0002").

    Fowler Pin Gage Sets come in a range of sizes. These accurate and well made precision tools are ideal for checking hole size, location, gage slots, distance between holes, go & no-go gaging, setting other gages and micrometers. Optional handle #53-885-100 available.

    • Each set furnished with case and every size gage hole clearly marked for size.
    • Fully hardened to 60-62 RC, centerless lapped to 10 millionths AA micro-finish or better; sizes etched on ranges over .061".
    • Each gage checked against master gages traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology
    • Gages are cylindrical, 2" in length and have no sharp corners.
    • Accurate to .0002".
    • Gage increments are in .001" steps.

    Pin Gage Sets:

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