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    D-EV Display Unit

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    Product Description

    02ADD400 D-EV Display Unit

    The 02ADD400 is able to display each axis measurement value and GO/NG judgment result, total GO/NG judgment result for all axes, setting details, and errors.


    • Display unit for the EV counter.
    • Using this display allows various settings for the EV counter without a personal computer or other equipment.
    • DIN compatible compact panel-mounting - cutout dimensions 45 x 92
    • The required power supply is DC +12 to +24V, 200mA (357651+02AAA010) at the terminal block (02ADD930).

    Technical Data:

    • Number of connectable units: One display unit allows external display and setting for one EV counter.
    • Displayed digits: It uses a single sign plus six digits (EV counter operates on eight-digit data internally but displays only the last six digits).
    • LED display: Channel display (also for display of judgment result): 3 (three-color LED) Measurement mode display (current, maximum, minimum, runout): 2 Status display: 1 (two-color)
    • Operating switches: 4
    • Switches and their functions: Channel switching, measurement mode switching (current value, maximum value, minimum value and runout), parameter setting, preset, and tolerance setting
    • Input/output: RS Link connectors: 1 in and 1 out.
    • Error display: Overspeed, gage error and others.
    • Power supply: Terminal block (M3 screws), DC +12 to+24V, 200mA

    Optional Accessories:

    • 527428A: AC adapter (must order 02ADD930)
    • 357651: AC adapter (must order 02ADD930 and 02AAA010)
    • 02ADD930: Terminal connecting cable
    • 02ADN460: AC adapter
    • 02ZAA010: 02ZAA010


    • Model: D-EV
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