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    EB Counters Series 542-Assembly Type Display Unit with Multiple Limit Setting

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    542-092-2 EB Counter Series 542-Assembly Type Display Unit with Multiple Limit Setting

    The 542-092-2 has one gage input.


    • Possible to produce 3-step/5-step X 7 kinds of tolerance output and limit value output independently for each of 7 channels.
    • Provided with serial BCD output capability, which makes the connection to a programmable controller or personal computer, etc. possible with the minimum cabling requirement.
    • Possible to perform dynamic measurement with the simplified analog output.
    • Employed the DIN size (96X48mm) and mount-on-panel configuration, which greatly facilitates the incorporation into a system.


    • Preset, tolerance judgment output (3/5-step X 7 kinds), limit value output (2 kinds independently for each of the 7 channels), peak (maximum, minimum, run out) measurement, diverse data output (serial BCD, simplified analog)

    Output Tolerance judgment:

    • L1 to L5, open-collector


    • Normal operation signal (NORMAL), open-collector

    External control signal input:

    • Preset, display hold, peak value clear, tolerance judgment BANK switch, open-collector or no-voltage contact signal (with/without contact point)

    Interface Serial BCD:

    • Bit-serial format, open-collector

    Analog output:

    • 2.5V + Counting value X voltage resolution (25mV/2.5mV): Full-scale 0 to 5V

    Digimatic input/output:

    • Connecting to the external switch box (No. 02ADF180) makes it easy to enter tolerance limits and preset values. (Note) This can not be used when the gage is connected to a Mitutoyo DP-1VR Digimatic Mini-Processor
    • Possible to connect with a Mitutoyo DP-1VR Digimatic Mini-Processor.
    • Number of tolerance steps can be expanded by making a set of EB-D counters.

    Quantization error:

    • +/- 1 count

    Maximum input frequency:

    • 1.25MHz (The response speed depends on the gage being used.) The response speed depends on the gage being used. (542-093)

    Power supply voltage:

    • DC+12 to 24V

    Power consumption:

    • 6W (500mA) or less (Secure power supply more than 1A for each unit.)

    Optional Accessories:

    Technical Data:

    • 02ADB440: I/O output connector
    • 02ADF180: 10-key unit
    • 936937: SPC cable (40?/1m)
    • 965014: SPC cable (80?/2m)
    • 02ADN460: AC adapter
    • 02ZAA010: Power Cable
    • 02ADD930: Terminal block connecting cable
    • line drawings product manuals


    • Model: EB-11P
    • Applicable input: Differential square-wave
    • Applicable Gage: LGK, LGF, LGB, LGE
    • Resolution: .0005, .0001, .00005, .000005" 0.01, 0.005, 0.001, 0.0005mm
    • Tolerence Judgement Display: LED display(3 steps: Amber, Green, Red 5 steps: Amber,Amber flash, Green, Red flash, Red)
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