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    EV Counter - For Multi-gage System

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    Product Description

    542-063 EV Counter Series 542-For Multi-gage System

    The 542-063 has six gage inputs.


    • Up to six gages can be connected to one unit.
    • Able to connect up to 10 EV counters to one personal computer using the RS link function to facilitate the configuration of a multi-point measurement system comprising a maximum of 60 gages.
    • A range of output modes to choose from; I/O output for tolerance judgment and segment output, BCD data output and RS-232 output are available.
    • Peak-hold measurements are possible for maximum value, minimum value, runout (TIR), etc.
    • Able to calculate a sum, average, maximum, minimum, maximum difference, etc., between gages connected to the same unit.

    Technical Data:

    • Function: GO/+/- NG judgment, GO/ +/- NG signal output, MAX/MIN/TIR (runout) measurement, counting direction switching, mm/inch switching, calculation of sum, average, maximum, minimum and maximum difference between specified axes, and output-mode selection
    • Output: I/O: Normal operation output and GO/NG signal (three steps), measurement data (BCD code), or 21-stage segment output (selectable) RS-232C: Various measurement data
    • External Control: I/O: Axis designation, preset, data hold, and error clear RS-232: Displayed value output command, MAX/MIN/TIR switching and peak value clear, zero set, preset value input, tolerance value input, error clear, and command to output calculated value between specified axes
    • RS Link: Up to 10 EV counters may be connected via a single RS-232 port. (daisy chain) EV and EF counters can be mixed (in which case a total of six counters can be connected).
    • Error display/output: Power-supply voltage error, overspeed error, overflow error, gage error, communication error, and tolerance setting error
    • Maximum input frequency: 1.25MHz (differential square-wave): Max counting Speed : 5MHz
    • Power supply: Terminal block (M3 screws), DC +12 to +24V, 700mA (max.)

    Optional Accessories:

    • 02ADB440: I/O output connector
    • 02ADD400: D-EV (external display unit)
    • 936937: RS link connector cable (40"/1m)
    • 965014: RS link connector cable (80"/2m)
    • 357651: AC adapter (must order 02ADD930 and 02AAA010)
    • 02ADD930: Terminal connecting cable
    • 02ADN460: AC adapter
    • 02ZAA010: Power Cable


    • Model: EV-16P
    • Order Number: 542-063
    • Applicable input: Differential square-wave
    • Applicable Gage: LGB (ex. 0.0001mm resolution),LGF, LGE, LG
    • Resolution: .000005, .00005, .0005", 0.0005, 0.001, 0.005, 0.01mm
    • Mass: 910g
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