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  • Product Code: #54-618-355

    Fowler/Sylvac Probe # 54-618-355

    Range: 5mm

    Meas Force: .6-1.2N

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    Product Description

    54-618-355 Fowler Sylvac Probe: 0-5mm

    The Fowler 54-618-355 Sylvac Probe has the following specifications:

    • Measurment Range : 5mm
    • Meas Force : .6-1.2N
    • Repeatability : .00001"/.0002mm
    • Maximum Error : .00004"/.001mm
    • Cable Angle : straight
    • Vacuum : yes
    • Boot : yes


    • Probes are made of stainless steel, heavily chrome-plated and supplied with 5' cable and standard carbide contact point .078"/2mm ball diameter. The friction bearing design provides smooth measuring for exceptional accuracy. Probes are shock-proof and unaffected by magnetism or humidity.
    • Accessories include boots, points, lifting levers, foot pedal lifters, stands, stages and extra length cable. Water-resistant probes, special cables up to 75' (20m) for all Sylvac probes, and a variety of measuring forces are available. Contact our Technical Staff for quotations.
    • Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.0001mm/°C
    • Temperature Range: 0-50°C
    • Cable Length: 5'/1.5m
    • Contact Point Thread: M2.5
    • Probes used with any Fowler/Sylvac Display or Multiplexer.

    Fowler Sylvac Probes:

    • 54-618-350: Probe: 5mm, straight cable, no vacuum, and boot
    • 54-618-355: Probe: 5mm, straight cable, vacuum, and boot
    • 54-618-360: Probe: 5mm, right cable, no vacuum, and boot
    • 54-618-365: Probe: 5mm, right cable, vacuum, and boot
    • 54-618-400: Probe: 10mm, straight cable, no vaccum, and no boot
    • 54-618-444: Probe: 10mm, right cable, no vacuum, and no boot
    • 54-618-500: Probe: 25mm, straight cable, no vacuum, and no boot
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